I passed by Vancouver’s sympathy riot wall…

Some of you may not have heard, but the last game of Stanley Cup finals for hockey took place in Vancouver, BC last week.  When Vancouver lost the game, a riot ensued.  It was a little shocking, but shouldn’t be a huge surprise given that 100,000 people were (many of them young males full of testosterone and alcohol). There are huge questions about about why, but the thing that really impressed me was that huge number of people who showed up the next day, alerted through social media sites, to clean up.  A spontaneous outpouring has ensued on the boarded up windows that were smashed.  Words are powerful tools for healing, even after something so terrible.  Yesterday I was in Vancouver and I passed by some the boarded up shops wall where thousands have posted about what a fabulous city Vancouver is despite the riot.   Here are a few pictures I snapped.

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