Cornelia Funke’s List of 10 top fairytales

I came across this article about Cornelia Funke’s top ten list of fairytales in the Guardian.  I find it an interesting list.  I don’t think that most of us in North America would have much overlap, and some of them I haven’t even heard of.  My all time favorite fairytale, The Siix Swans, was on her list though.

1. The Goose Girl

2. The Six Swans

3. The Mistress of Copper Mountain

4. The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear

5. Gold Foot

6. The Nightingale

7. The Birthday of the Infanta

8. Donkeyskin

9. Merlin and Vivien, as told in Brittany

10. Dreamfighter and Other Creation Tales by Ted Hughes


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