Gary Paulsen: That librarian never knew

Gary Paulsen is an amazing storyteller. His stories are so true to life. He talked about how, as a street kid whose parents were alcoholics and who had failed every subject and didn’t know how to read, he went to the library of his home town to keep warm. The librarian offered him a library card and gave him a book. It was the beginning of a life long passion for reading and writing. ” Everything I’ve become I owe that woman (the librarian),” says Paulsen. It’s interesting how many writers have similar stories about teachers or librarians. So all you teachers and librarians out there, take heart. Governments and school boards may not appreciate you, but you are making a difference, not only in the lives of kids who you share books with, but in the lives of all the children who read books by the authors whose lives you impacted when they were children.

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