24 hours in San Francisco

After the LA SCBWI conference the plan was to drive home via San Francisco and wine country.  Before we headed out, we tracked down The Formosa, the bar featured in a few scenes from LA Confidential.  It looks pretty much the same.  If you have’t seen that movie, it’s soooo good, so get your butt out to the vid store and do it.  It just happened to be on Route 66, another icon of American culture  So cool.


We stayed at a funky little hotel on Knob Hill.  Not much of a view, but so much character, including this very cool elevator.  We wandered the piers, discovered a wonderful book store called Book Passage (get it).  Picked up a few more books, cuz you know you can never have too many, and just enjoyed the walk and sunshine.

One the things I love about traveling is meeting and chatting with new people.  We met Rolando, a wonderfully friendly operator of the cable car we were riding. Watching him was fascinating…braking a cable car traveling down one of SF’s scary hills is hard work, and Rolando was clearly proud of the work he does!  My tourist tip of the day is to take the California St. Cable Car.  It’s not nearly as busy as the Powell St. Line; although it is a little shorter.

Later we caught some great Jazz at a little club and had excellent Ethiopian food. Our one day in SF was a treat.





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