the 2011 Cybils

Yep.  It’s that time of the year again.  You have just two weeks to nominate your favorite kids’ books.  TWO WEEKS folks!  Nominations close October 15 @ midnight, so get on over to the Cybils site and get nominating!  There are categories to cover all of your reading interests:

Just in case you haven’t heard of the Cybils, here’s the low down.  A few years back, six I think, a group of kids’ book bloggers got together to give out awards for the books they thought were the cream of the crop; the Cybils awards.  It started out small, but it’s grows exponentially.  Bloggers from near and far wade through piles of books for no other reason than interest.  Although there is zero monetary value associated with the awards for either authors or publishers, the winners garner huge prestige and of course bragging rights  as well as a fountain pen in an engraved box.

Finalists will be posted January 1st, 2012. Winners will be announced February 14th, 2012.

Even if you aren’t interested in nominating, the Cybils site is the place to be as the judges will be randomly posting excepts from their reviews throughout the judging period.  Personally, I can’t wait to find out what’s hot and what I’ve missed.

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