A memorial tribute to Margareta Von Rudloff

My dear friend Marga passed away in her sleep this week.  She was 85.  I have very fond memories of Marga’s Thursday salons where various friends got together to talk about books, eat delicious cakes and pastries purchased especially for these occasions by her wonderful husband Ernst, and choose from one of Marga’s many exotic  teas. Her salons were as likely to attract university students met at the bookstore as they were retirees.  In fact, I met Marga through my oldest daughter who worked at a bookstore that Marga frequented.  All sorts of books were discussed on these Thursdays, from mysteries, to children’s picture books, to the lastest Man Booker short-list.  Marga, who somehow managed to read a book a day, had an extensive library and was a strong supporter of Independent bookstores. And amazingly, Marga could remember and discuss books that she had read long ago as easily as she could the books she’d just finished.  Each week she had a book or two set aside for me to read.  It might be the new Donna Leon mystery, or the lastest Michael Morpurgo, but in each case, she delighted in discussing the books. Since I was never able to keep up with her, I still have a shelf full of books on loan.  I will miss the conversations we would have had about these books.  I will miss our Thursdays together.  I will miss Marga.  Rest in peace my friend.  Margareta Von Rudloff 1926-2011.

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