Look what the Vancouver Public Library is up to!

Libraries are so cool.  Look what the Vancouver Public Library is up to…

Free-for-all: it’s a vibrant mix of your perspectives and suggestions. It’s a new way to discover your Library, and to shape the Library of the Future.

From now through to the Fall of 2012, we’ll be focusing on four different themes that are critical to the future of public libraries.

Join us in person, on line, or take one of our Conversation Kits into the community and take part in the Free-for-all exchange of ideas.

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Choose your own adventure: November 29

On Tuesday, November 29 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. we invite you to Choose Your Own Adventure and explore the topic of public places and learning spaces. We provide you with a story to follow, set in the Central Library. You decide where the story leads, based on the choices you make along the way. You will meet fellow adventurers, engage with Library staff, and take part in fun activities. Your comments will be used to help the Library make important decisions about how we operate and what we offer.

You could win one of three prizes:

  • An exclusive guided tour of the Central Library green roof – a hands-on adventure
  • An iPod nano – an audio adventure
  • A bag of new books – a visual adventure

The City of Vancouver supports the Library so that everyone can use it – for free. It’s your library system. Come and join the free-for-all exchange of ideas and shape the library of the future.

Can’t make it down to the Central Library on November 29? Not a problem! Check out ourConversation Kit.  Explore the material together with family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues – you too will be eligible for our prize draw on December 15.

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Conversation Kits

We welcome your ideas and your participation in our Free-for-all series. We have developed a Conversation Kit, packed with fun activities to get your creativity flowing. The Kit also contains interesting facts about the future of public libraries.

Follow three easy steps:

  • Step 1* – Open the Conversation Kit about Public Spaces and Learning Places

  • Step 2 – Follow the story and start your adventure! (This is an interactive document. At the bottom of page 1, you will be asked to make a choice. Click the option you like best. The story will continue automatically, based on your choice!).
  • Step 3 – Email your Kit to the Vancouver Public Library. Easy one-step instructions are provided once you’ve reached one of two possible endings. That’s it!

*Note: Functionality is limited for Google Chrome users.

For those who would like to take part in a community adventure, join us on November 29. Discover the Central Library like you’ve never seen it before!

Did we mention the PRIZES…?

If you include your name and contact information in the Kit, online or in person at the event, you will be eligible to win a prize. In November, as part of our choose your own adventure theme, we’re featuring three choices for our lucky winners:

  • An exclusive guided tour of the Central Library green roof – a hands-on adventure
  • An iPod nano – an audio adventure
  • A bag of new books – a visual adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure(R) at home, at work, with friends or family…pickup additional copies of our Conversation Kit at any VPL location and get started. Return the Kits to any location of the Vancouver Public Library by December 14. (There are 22 convenient locations across Vancouver).

Good luck, and thank you for exploring the future with us.

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