Don’t Google Yourself

“And if you can’t stand the heat of the blogosphere – don’t Google yourself.”  This is the conclusion of an article in the Guardian about the latest dust-up in the blogosphere around young adult book reviews where readers duke it out over their opinions.  Fortunately the author in question had the good sense to stand back.

There have always been good and bad reviews.  An author’s job is write the best book they can, send it out in the world, then get on writing another one. We may want everyone to love it, but hey, it’s not like we can control what readers do or don’t like.  One thing that really amazes me is how passionate readers can be…when they love your book, it’s a wonderful thing.  The flip side of the coin is obviously not quite so pleasant.  It’s all part of being a writer though.  You just have to let it roll off your back.

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