Charles Dickens

I haven’t posted much for the last week as I’ve been busy between writing and the garden.  When it comes to spare time, gardening will always win out over inside pursuits. Today I’m having a hawthorne tree that has taken over 2/3rds of my yard and has been a thorn in my existence, taken down…aphids and tent caterpillars love it, and consequently, they enjoy my veggies and my flowers far more often than I get to.  It’s looking a little bare right now, but maybe my apple tree and those two little magnolias I planted will actually have a chance!

Still, I thought I should at least acknowledge a bit of literary history…Today Charles Dickens would have been 200.  He left   behind an incredible body of work that continues to be relevant.  Even non-readers are familiar with his stories: Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and a Tale of Two Cities just to name a few.  Check out fellow writer, Margaret Buffie’s interesting insights and advice based on his wisdom.  I makes me wonder which writers in our generation will have that sort of impact?

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