Parent and Child’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids

Hurray, the 100 Greatest Books for Kids list from Parent and Child is out!  But quite a few of my all time favs didn’t make the list.  Here are a just a few great books that were passed over. There isn’t a single solitary Michael Morpurgo title on the list, which is a real shame as he’s such a fabulous writer.  I love Dear Olly but there are others I love too.  I can’t understand how The Golden Compass by the wonderful Philip Pullman could have been left off the list.  Two of my favorite picture books didn’t make the list either, The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch and Bread and Jam for Francis by Russell.  I was smitten with Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel, and I really really miss not having Beverly Cleary’s Ramona on the list not to mention Kit Pearson’s A Handful of Time.

There are others too, but, I’d be interested to find out which of your favorites were left out?


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