Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Just back from Seattle. Had an awesome time and it felt like we were there much longer than 3 days. I love staying downtown and being able to walk just about everywhere: to the market, the art gallery, restaurants, and jazz bars. Visited with my nephew, his wife, and my two sweet as can be great nieces, and ate really good, hand made pasta at a little restaurant they took us to. We also saw the fabulous Gauguin  exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). And we went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Jazz Alley. If you like that big swing band sound of the forties with lots of horns, they are well worth seeing. They’ve been together and unbelievable 19 years and their still cranking out great big band jazz tunes! If you didn’t catch them on Dancing With the Stars recently, here’s a taste of their music.



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