Kony 2012

I’ve talked to you, my readers before about making a difference. I’ve talked about the importance of reading to your children and of sharing books with strangers. I’ve talked to you about the importance of making your voice heard and of voting.  I’ve talked to you about brave kids who have shared their pain about being bullied and recently about a 17 year old girl who stared a petition against “R” rating a film about bullying which prevents kids from seeing it.  Now I want to talk to you about another way that you can make a difference.

Some of you may not know about the child soldiers of Uganda or the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Some of you may not be aware that a terrible man by the name of Joseph Kony has been abducting children for more than 20 years, turning the boys into his personal army, and making the girls into sex slaves.  Kony has no religious or political agenda other than personal power.  He’s number one of the Hague’s list of war criminals around the world.  Thus far he’s evaded capture.  But, with your help, 2012 is the year that Kony will be brought to justice.  One of the reason he’s evaded capture is that few (aside from those impacted) know about him, and those who do have little power. A group of storytellers began a group called Invisible Children  to change that.  You can help.

Watch this film “Kony 2012” and you will see how your peaceful participation can make the biggest difference of all. Every child deserves to feel safe, no matter where in the world they were born.

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