Yuck. I hate being sick

I managed to catch a dreadful chest cold after coming back from Tofino and have been very low key.  Yuck. I hate being sick. And, I can’t believe this is the time when  the sun chose to peek out from under all those storm clouds that have been rolling in off the pacific or sliding down from Alaska.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the energy to get out into the garden, although I have been camping out on the couch, with pillows and boxes of tissue while I watch the best basket ball of the year, March Madness. This morning I unpacked one of the lawn chairs to enjoy my tea in the garden for the first time this year.  My magnolias have big fat buds on them, and they should be out any day now, so I know things will be looking up soon. Now, if I can just get better, I can get some weeding done, and start planting my garden.

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