“Adults Should Read Adult Books,” says Joel Stein

According to Joel Stein, “Adults Should Read Adult Books.” Stein’s opinion piece appeared in the New York Times, March 29, 2012

Mr. Stein admits his opinion is based on books he read as a child and on recent books he’s never read. He’d be more persuasive if he had knowledge of the work he’s criticizing.

As an author of thirteen published children’s books and a reader of young adult and adult literature, I could not disagree more. Many young adult books are emotionally and intellectually challenging. Many books intended for an adult audience are not.

Mr. Stein’s argument is shallow.  There is great value in engaging young people through the literature that reflects their realities.  If you want to understand young people, read what speaks to them. The fact that these books embarrass Mr. Stein is bizarre.

Sadly, Mr. Stein has no idea of the richness of the literature he’s missing.  I hope that’s not the case with most of his readers.

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