50 Marketing Tips for Under $50 Bucks

If you’re just getting started in the kid’s book business, Tina Nicholas Curray has a great blog called Tales from the Rushmore Kid that is well worth checking out. She does tons of interviews with industry people and has a very useful list of 50 Marketing Tips for Under $50 bucks that you may want to keep in mind for when you first book hits the stores or e-readers.  Tips include things like acquiring a domain name, sending out review copies, affordable business cards, plan a contest or give-away, pitch an appearance to local TV and radio stations, and visiting the main branch of your local library.  She advises against book signings as their day has passed.  If you live in Canada, be sure to send a copy of your book to the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, and contact your local Children’s Literature Roundtable to let them know about your new book.  They might either book talk your book, or consider having you speak at one of their programs.

And if you find something that works, remember to pass the suggestion on to fellow writers.  One of the best things about publishing for kids, is how this community of writers, illustrators and bloggers support one another.

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