Zamoof! Magazine

Twitter is awesome for keeping up with news, but I particularly like it for meeting new people and discovering new books and magazines.  I came across this very cool magazine I hadn’t even heard of until Twitter sent me a notice that Zamoof! Magazine was following my tweets.  So, I checked them out and they’re awesome.

So, I’m passing along this discovey to my followers.

is  an on-line and print magazine for kids who are 7-12.  It’s packed with activities like: secret code contests, cupcake recipes, puzzles, comics, interviews, and articles.  In fact, the latest issue has a feature interview with Steven Spielberg, the producer and director of “The Adventures of TinTin,” “ET,” and a whack of other really great films. If you want to contribute to the magazine, here are some ideas for what to send in. Check out Zamoof! today and help them to celebrate their 5th anniversary!

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