Day two of our children’s writing workshop

Day two of our writing workshop group and what an amazing two days it’s been.  We’ve managed to get through two pretty intense sessions each day. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like an experienced group of writers to give you honest and useful feedback.  Egos have to be left at the door.  It’s all about figuring out what is working about each piece, and what isn’t. The combined experience of this wonderful group of women is extensive, easily surpassing a hundred books. Criticism is thoughtful, specific, and measured. Every one of us is ready to listen to the feedback of colleagues. Being able to accept criticism is not always easy, but when you understand how helpful constructive criticism can be, it really isn’t that difficult. Of course an essential ingredient to this all working is trust.  We all trust each other to have the best interest of the story at heart.

These past few days have been a real treasure.  We have another full day of work ahead of us, but I don’t think I’m the only one who relishes that.  One more day of working together, and then we’ll each be back in our own solitary worlds, building stories that we hope will find their way into the lives of children and teenagers.  Some of the stories we are workshopping will soon sit on the shelves of a bookstore.  Some of our stories will need a bit more tweaking and others will be revised beyond recognition.  Some may be put on a shelf to be revisited in the future. No matter.  Each will be one step closer to being better.  That’s what writing is all about…

Another lovely part of these past few days has been just being on the Gulf Islands to enjoy the slower pace, drink in the cultural and artistic richness and soak up the rural charm. A little more sunshine would be welcome, but hey, you can’t have everything…



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