Catching up

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival last weekend was fabulous, and now I have tons of very cool new music to explore.  The downside to being away at this time of year is trying to catch up on work and keep up with my rather large garden. I’ve managed to get a lot done though, even if I’m not totally caught up.  I’ve done some critique work for CANSCAIP’s Blue Pencil Program (established writers mentor new writers for a modest fee), I’ve had to do a some tweaking of the text of my new picture book (Island Santa) to work better with the illustrations, I’ve put together a slide show for a short Skype visit with a Pakistani library, and I’ve fit in a bit of crisis gardening including, picking a batch of peas, salad greens and artichokes, as well as making a dozen jars of strawberry jam with my very own strawberries. It’s totally delicious by the way.

So, on my ‘to do’ list is to revise a picture book manuscript and do a major overhaul on my novel in progress.  Fortunately, I have notes for the latter two revisions from my critique group’s meeting of a few weeks ago to help me get going. If you’re a writer, or are trying to be, and you don’t have a trusted critique group that you periodically work with, I’d highly recommend that you either look for one or start one of your own.  I find the process invaluable.

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