Island Santa passes it’s test run with flying colors

Island Santa had it’s first test run today.  Joining illustrator Sheena Lott and I at the launch of our new picture book at the beautiful historic South Park School in Victoria was Jeneece Edroff.  The grade 2-3 class was treated to Sheena’s original artwork while I read the story.  The kids were awesome, and so was Jeneece, Vancouver Island’s “Penny Girl.” Her fundraising efforts resulted in the opening of Jeneece Place. Jeneece Place is a home away from  home for families whose children need to leave their communities for medical care.

The kids loved the story and they loved hearing about how Jeneece started raising money for families when she was their age.  They also loved hearing about the idea for the story.  It was based on Karre Norgaard, and his passion for helping others. Every year he turned his boat into a floating sleigh to deliver Christmas presents to families in isolated coastal communities.  The Norgaard Foundation also helped make Jeneece Place possible.  Jeneece and Karre never met, but they are so alike in their commitment to helping others.

Check out this short video clip from CTV News.  Fast forward to see part of the launch. 4:49-6:04

Teacher Alert:

The Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island has put together a fabulous free teacher’s guide to use with Island Santa.  Download it here.

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