Launch of Island Santa

Last night’s launch at Bolen’s Books was wonderful.  A full house.  Of course, it was not without it’s quirks…the mall where Bolen’s is located is under construction.  Just as we were about to start, we were given a warning that a building evacuation drill was about to start.  Fortunately, we were given an exemption, so carried on.

Sheen Lott, the illustrator of Island Santa, and I were up first.  I talked a little bit about the story behind the book, and the inspiration behind the story. I wanted everyone to know that the proceeds for Island Santa will go to support Jeneece Place, a home away from home for Island families who need to leave their communities to get medical services for their children. I was able to thank David Holmes, a veteran sea rescue coxswain who helped me chart the course that course of Santa’s boat at the draft stage of the book.  While I’m familiar with the local water’s, it’s from a kayaker’s point of view. David kindly helped me calculate realistic time lines for a boat of the size of the Blue Fijord (Santa’s boat prior to it’s sinking in 2006).  After I read a few pages,  Sheena did the most succinct explanation of the illustration process I’ve ever heard.

Our mini-presentation was followed by short talks by five other Orca authors.  It was a lovely evening.

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