Spent a wonderful day over on Pender Island with dear friends Andrea and David Spalding who were launching their new cookbook, Seasonings: Flavours Of The Southern Gulf Islands.  It was a perfect day.  We picked up friend and fellow author Ann Walsh and headed off to the ferry where we had an quick bite before boarding beautiful BC ferries on the ship we fondly call “The Queen of Cucumber,” aka The Queen of Cumberland.  Blustery winds were whipping the waters of the strait into a frothy frenzy and canceling the Vancouver-bound ferry. But fortunately, our significantly smaller ferry would be staying in waters sheltered by various gulf islands, so our trip was not delayed.  The Cucumber did a wee bit of pitching but nothing too serious. We arrived at our friends’ place on Pender, welcomed by Andrea’s delightful labyrinth, stunning views of the water, and the delicious aroma of home made squash soup.

Andrea and Dave are such  wonderful hosts.  Despite getting ready for their book launch, they hosted ten or so of us for lunch…and it was Andrea’s birthday to boot!

Sharon, a old friend, had thoughtfully brought a delicious birthday cake along.  We did our best to polish it off before rushing off to Andrea and Dave’s champagne and H’ordserves book launch at Poet’s Cove on the far end of the Island.  Of course this isn’t an ordinary cookbook, it’s packed with as many island stories as it is recipes.  Andrea read one about blackberries and it had nothing to do with pies or jams, but a shop vac did  figure did prominently in the story.  And  Dave read another another about Tattoos and fennel.  Does this have you wondering?  Well it should, but you’ll have to buy the book and read the stories for yourself.  It was such fun, and I’m delighted to say that Talisman Books totally sold out of this wonderful new cook book.

What a treat it was to be invited. Thank you so much Andrea and Dave.  What a precious gift the day was, and what a wonderful gift Seasonings will be in the years to come.  Be sure to buy your copy for someone you love today!

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  1. andrea Spalding
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 15:45:40

    Thank you dear friend. And we hope your Pender launch of Island Santa goes really well. Such a lovely book.


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