10 Things I loved about the Bruce Springsteen concert in Vancouver

1.Mr. Bruce Springsteen doesn’t need an opening act because he plays a seriously full, and I mean full, concert…3 hours plus a 5 song encore!

2.  With Bruce, the show isn’t about lights and pyrotechnics, it’s about the love of music

3.Bruce’s seemingly inexhaustible energy is catching.

4. His music, even the stuff written years ago, speaks an emotional truth that is as important today as it was when it was written.

5. Every one of the E Street Band is an incredible musician and they are all front and centre on several occasions during the show.

6. Bruce loves his job and it so shows.

7. The E Street Band members love their jobs and it so shows.

8. Mr. Springsteen invited a little old lady from the audience up to dance with him when he sang Dancing in the Dark…It was awesome.

9. Springsteen takes the time to connect with the community  he’s playing in; telling us how widely our food bank is being used and reminding us that those of us who have may want to think about helping those who do not.

10.The last note of every song is the beginning of the next.

I know I said 10 things, but there are just so many…

11. He plucked a young girl out of the audience to help him sing “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day” and boy could she sing.

12. He likes to get close to his audience and even does a little crowd surfing…but really, even when he was on stage, he exuded this kind of “we” as opposed to us and them kind of vibe.

13. He sings to all of his fans, even the ones who could only afford the cheap seats behind the stage.

14. The Boss sang “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” with a fan dressed up in a Santa suit.  Do you know any other rockers who are cool enough to do that and not seem schmaltzy?

15. Songs like “My City’s in Ruins” have the power to make you want to “rise up” and make the world a better place.

16. Bruce Springsteen is one of the best storytellers I know of.

There are lots of other things I loved about the Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball concert…and, if you ever get a chance to hear him live, I’m pretty sure that you’ll come up with an even longer list.

Thanks for an incredible evening Mr. Springsteen. You and the E Street Band will continue rockin’ my house long after you are back home.

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