New beginnings






It’s hard to believe that 2012 has come and gone.  Having all my girls home over the holidays was a wonderful treat, but I’m going to learn to tweak the whole baking thing given the tins of cookies and tarts I was left with!  Like everyone else, I have a few new years resolutions that I firmly plan to keep:

*spend more time writing

*rework my website

*write more poetry (it feeds the soul, even it it doesn’t sell)

*get out to more local literary events

*renovate my mini-library so that it’s more storm-proof

*exercise regularly

*be more patient and tolerant in my relationships.

*I’m also hoping to do a little garden renovation since my front yard has become a bit of a tangle.

*and since this year will be a milestone in my life as I’m about to become a grandma; something I’m super excited about, start a book collection for my coming grand baby.

But for now, I have 66 books to finish reading for  literary jury duty, so I won’t be digging into my resolution list in a serious way until March…

Still, I want to wish all of you well in tackling your own 2013 resolutions and of course, wish you a year of  wonderful reading.

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