I have this great idea for a kid’s book…

I hear it a lot. At the park, at schools and libraries, even at parties…

“I have this great idea for a kid’s book.”

I’ll bet you do! But, ideas are not stories.  They are a beginning.  You actually have to write the story, revise it, figure out who the appropriate publishers are to send it to, hope you make it out of the slush pile, likely get rejected, revise some more, then repeat the cycle all over again.  Welcome to the business of writing for kids…

For most of us,writing is a life long pursuit both in terms of staying on top of the ever shifting world of publishing, and perfecting our craft. The learning curve is big people, and if you really want to develop that idea, there’s no better time to get with the program than now.  Harold Underdown’s The Purple Crayon is a good place to start. He offers all sorts of articles that range from manuscript preparation, to tips for getting out of the slush pile.

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