Contests; yeah or nay?

Breaking in as a new writer is tough these days and so is getting publishing experience.  It used to be that the magazine market was a good way to break in, but with so many print magazines going under, what’s an unpublished writer to do? One way to slip a few credentials under your belt and sometimes even get published, is by entering writing contests.  But, it’s a writer beware world out there and not all contests are created equal.  Some contests are scams in disguise.  Others are thinly veiled vanity presses. Translation…you, as a writer have to do your homework to ensure that the contest you’re  entering is worth the effort.  The BabyBook Blog offers some great tips on self-publishing kids’ books as well some very solid advice on entering contests. Check it out.  Then polish you’re stories, and hunt for a contest or two that will suit your work.  Good luck.

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