A unique voice

Karen Rivers is a brilliant writer. If you’re an unpublished writer trying to figure out why your manuscript keeps getting rejected, Karen’s writing will help you. Read her. Read everything she’s written; middle grade fiction, young adult fiction, and her short stories in anthologies. Her work epitomizes what publishers and agents are talking about then they say they are looking for great writing with a “distinctive voice”. No one writes quite like her.

Frankly, I love Karen’s work…from her latest novel The Encyclopedia of Me, to a recent blogpost on lightening which is a miracle in more ways that she realizes.

Whatever you do though, do not…I repeat, DO NOT try to imitate Karen Rivers. You could never write in her voice as well as she can.

In fact, do not try to imitate any writer!

But do read lots and lots of other fabulous writers.  Read them and reread them.  Writers like: John Green, David Levithan, and Sharon Creech are each superb storytellers, but each has a style that unmistakably theirs. Read them first to enjoy their stories. Read them again and think about what makes their voices unique.

Now think about what makes your voice distinct from anyone else’s and write from that place which only you can write from.



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