In the category of ‘Made my day’

In the category of ‘made my day’… a short video taken by a friend of  her nephew reading This is the Dog to his dog.

Imagine, an old golden retriever sprawled on a comfy overstuffed chair at the cottage snoozing on a hot summer day.

The screen door bangs, and a  little boy, maybe four or five comes in.  The dog cocks one eye open and watches the boy. The boy gets a book of the shelf.  He brings the book over to the dog.  He doesn’t shoe the dog off the chair.  Instead, he sits on the floor and holds the book open so the dog can see.

The dog’s tail thump thump thumps against the back of the chair. This boy throws him sticks, pats him, and sometimes shares his food.  They are best buddies.

The boy turns the pages, showing the dog the pictures and reading the story…well, not exactly reading, but the telling the story.  The boy isn’t able to read yet, although he likes to pretend he does.  But, he knows this story.  And, he likes it . He knows his dog will like it too.  It’s a story about a young dog’s adventures…

Ok, I filled in the blanks, but I was totally delighted to get the email containing the video clip described above of  Hunter reading This is the Dog to his dog. I wish I could share it, but won’t for  privacy reasons.  Take my word for it, it’s adorable.


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