Another classic brought to ebook life

Midnight_Store_Display.225x225-75-1I loved this book when it was first released in print, and I’m so glad to see that it has been release as an ebook for a whole new generation of children and parents to enjoy.

Midnight in the Mountains a lovely book that celebrates a snowy family vacation in the mountains. Julie Lawson lyrical text perfectly contrasts the snow quiet night safely tucked in the cosy cabin with the joyous activities of the sparkling white snowy day. Sheena Lott’s illustrations almost ski right off the page and she brings the snowy night to life in a way that few illustrators could. This enhanced picture book features the author reading the story with sound effects that almost make it better than the original.


Ski_Store.480x480-75 Owl_Store.480x480-75

If you’re looking for quality ebooks for your children, you could hardly do better than Midnight in the Mountains.    

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