A hiatus

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be on a bit of a blogger hiatus while I help my daughter get ready for her wedding next week.

That includes everything from fluffing giant yellow and blue pompoms, to wrapping cutlery in napkins tied with twine and rosemary, babysitting my grand daughter while she attend her bachelorette party…lucky me :)…, making multiple pies because she doesn’t want a cake, and doing the wedding bouquets, boutonnières, corsages and flower arrangements for the tables. Since her dad passed away when she was young, it will also mean walking her down the isle and giving the traditional father of the bride speech, which I’ve written but will tweak obsessively until the day of.  Getting through the speech without tears will be a serious challenge.  You poor dads out there. I totally sympathize.

My husband and I did not have a big wedding when we married. Neither did most of our friends. This return to tradition has some advantages though. I particularly appreciate how it brings people together.  Gathering friends and family together just doesn’t happen often enough these days.  And of course, it’s good to have a real opportunity to welcome a whole new family into ours.

It will be fun, but emotional, not to mention hectic.  I’ll update  you about the happy event when I return…probably obsessively, so I’ll ask for forgiveness in advance. 😉



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