A word of advice for David Gilmour and writers in general

Not surprisingly, Canadian author David Gilmour’s words are coming back to haunt him.  Mr. Gilmour, who teaches literature at the University of Toronto, may be having nightmares over an interview  in an online magazine in which he dismisses, Canadian writers, Chinese writers and women writers.

I know.  It’s hard to believe that anyone could be that dumb!

Unfortunately, for Mr. Gilmour, the  interview went viral with widespread accusations that he was both a racist and a misogynist.  Instead of apologizing, Mr. Gilmour made the further mistake of blaming the interviewer for taking his words out of context and missing that his remarks were supposed to be humorous.  News flash…that isn’t an apology David.

You could almost feel sorry watching him dig himself deeper and deeper…Until  he goes on to say that he only apologized because his publisher was concerned about a backlash against his latest book.


This guy badly needs advice.  So here it is.

My advice to you David Gilmour, and to other writers:

  • Think before you open your mouth 
  • And, if you’re stupid enough to offend more than half of your reading public, have the good sense to apologize

‘Nough said!

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