Grades 5-8 Write for a Better World Contest

2014 Write for a Better World Contest

World Literacy Canada
presents its annual
for Canadian students in Grades 5-8
This year, the writing theme was created by  
Kelley Armstrong
 author of numerous award-winning fantasy books
(here’s a sample below)

What to do:
• Using this story starter, tell what happens next in 400 words or less:

It’s been a long, sleepless night of strange dreams. Even once you wake up, you think you’re still dreaming, because you aren’t in your own bed. You aren’t even yourself! It’s no dream. You’ve woken in another part of the world, as someone from another culture. 

How stories will be evaluated:

  • Has the writer written about a place and culture that is different from their own? Is there indication that the author learned something about the culture?
  • How unique is the writer’s approach to the topic?
  • How is the story organized? Is there a clear beginning, middle and ending?
  • Does the writer use proper spelling and grammar?
  • Is the main character well-written? Does he/she represent the ideals of global citizenship?

• April 4, 2014

Full Details:
• Details of prizes and the entry form can be found at

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