Are you inclined to head toward the picture book section of the bookstore or library? Do you love middle grade fiction as much as your middle grader, or is young adult fiction for you? Have you dreamed of becoming an author?  Are you willing to write and rewrite until your story is perfect?  Do you have what it takes to become an author?

Is that a resounding YES YES YES!

Then get your pens or laptops out and get writing because the Canadian Society for Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers has teamed up with The Writers’ Union Of Canada to offer you a wonderful opportunity; the 17th Annual Writing for Children Competition.The winner will take home $1500. But, the best part is that the winner and finalists will have their work sent to three publishers for consideration.

The $25 entrance fee will get your writing read by a pro, and would be cheap at twice the price. Contest ends April 25th so don’t delay.  More details can be found at http://www.canscaip.org/competitions

(To qualify, you must be unpublished and either a Canadian or a landed immigrant)



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