Tax Trials

IMG_0196It should be considered criminal to make creators go through the whole tax thing year after year. For one thing, it’s a creativity destroyer…all that time we spend in avoidance seriously cuts into writing time! And, it’s a reminder of just how little we make.  It’s also a reminder about why we became creators in the first place…math avoidance! Although, to be fair, I really shouldn’t use the collective we here. After all, I know a few creators who are pretty math savvy. Sadly, I’m not one of them.

Lastly, you have to consider the animals.  No smirking here folks. If my dog could talk, she’d be shouting ANIMAL CRUELTY from the rooftops. Just look at her, she’s desperate for one of our inspirational beach walks. Instead, she’s forced to wait it out, surrounded by paper that she isn’t even allowed to chew!

So, here’s my tax tips for all of you creators who have waited until almost the last minute to get your taxes done. Confession time…if I didn’t have a conference coming up, I would have procrastinated even longer before slogging through mountains of paper in the day or two this will take me once I actually sit down and do it.

-have on hand plenty of paper clips (the ginormous ones), rubber bands, sticky notes, and a stapler

-make a seriously big pot of tea and drink copious quantities,

-have a generous supply of chocolate covered almonds available for double-fisting in lieu of pulling out your hair..seriously, you cannot have too many!

-ignore the pitiful pet looks. Yes Ruby, I mean you!

-make an appointment with your accountant Mary and pray that she doesn’t dump you.


PS. Be sure to have a glass of wine for either celebrating or weeping into

and don’t’ forget to vow that next year will be different! I promise Mary.  I really do.

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