2015 Shakespeare Selfie Challenge for grades 7-9, and 10-12. Hurray CBC!

Kenneth Oppel is judging the 2015 “Shakespeare Selfie” youth writing challenge.  
Thanks Sheree Fitch for the heads up.
Shakespeare took selfies all the time—but instead of a camera, he used a quill. And instead of calling them “selfies,” they were called “soliloquies.”
Date: April 13-May 1, 2015
Note: Challenge opens at 10 am ET on Monday, April 13. Come to this page to enter the challenge at that time.
The challenge: Write a modern-day soliloquy or monologue by a Shakespearean character. Could be in iambic pentameter or modern syntax. (For examples, see our Shakespeare High literary series and the winning entry from 2014.)
Need to brush up on soliloquies vs. monologues? Here’s a handy guide.
2015 themes: Focus your entry on one of the following current affairs topics:
  • Online bullying (read more here)
  • The Kardashians—any member(s) of this modern-day royal family and their dramas
  • Race-related shootings and the Ferguson riots (read more here)
  • The reign of Taylor Swift—her huge album, her feud with Katy Perry, etc.
  • The rise of ISIS militants (read more here)
  • LeBron James leaves Miami and comes home to Cleveland (read more here)
  • “Lone wolf” attacks (read more here)
  • The Ebola outbreak (read more here)
…or choose another current affairs story (local, Canadian or international) from the past year that inspires you.
Wordcount: 200-400 words
Age categories: Grades 7-9 and grades 10-12
Prizes: One grand prize of an iPad mini for each age category, as well as a school prize for each grand prize winner.


Judge: Governor General’s Award-winning young-adult author Kenneth Oppel will be judging the 2015 Shakespeare Selfie. Kenneth’s Silverwing trilogy has sold over a million copies worldwide.
Earlybird incentive: Congratulations to Glenn Katz of St. Thomas High School in Pointe-Claire, QC! Glenn’s class will benefit from an online video writers’ workshop with Kenneth Oppel during the challenge period.
Read the Rules and Regulations for the Shakespeare Selfie Earlybird Draw here »

Print a poster for your school!

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