The Buzz on a new Book about Bees

There’s a buzz going around and it’s coming from Orca Book Publishers…

Version 2I was out walking my dog last night, trying to push up my daily kilometer count in a little friendly competition with my Fitbit buddy, when an old friend stopped me to gush about a new kid’s book on bees by Merrie-Ellen Wilcox. Now this friend is an entomologist (someone who studies insects, not to be confused with an etymologist which is someone who studies the origin of words) so he’s always stoked about anything related to insects. But, I’m pretty excited too, cuz gardening is one of the things I really enjoy doing with my granddaughter.  She totally loved planting and harvesting tomatoes, strawberries, and peas.  As garden pollinators, a book about bees will be right up our alley. And with more interest in locally grown and organic foods, I hope it’s right up your alley too. If you’re in the neighborhood on September 20th, check out the author’s free program, but if not, be sure to look for her book.

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