Don’t miss Chris Tougas in Victoria May 16th


imageIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but here’s something worth posting…

The Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable is hosting author/illustrator Chris Tougas on Monday, May 16th at 7:30, at the Saanich Centennial Library (3110 Tillicum Road, next to Pearkes Arena).

If you have kids, grandkids, or are a teacher or childcare giver, this is a guy whose books you will definitely want to check out. His picture books are just plain fun. Mechanimals is a fabulous book, but my grandkids are especially in love with Dojo Daycare, which I recently learned has two  sequels that I’ll be picking up asp. The energetic rhyming text is packed with humour yet manages to convey important socia messages like respect and cooperation. Best of all, repetition of catchy words and phrases encourage participation which helps to create an interactive story time experience that everyone will enjoy.

In addition to his talents as an author illustrator, Chris has worked as an animation character designer and writer for Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Sesame Workshop, and Fox.

A word of advice though…avoid reading Chris’ books at either nap time or bedtime because  you can expect demands for second, third or even fourth readings!

$5 will get you in the door and an additional $20 will buy you a year’s membership to the Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable.



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