Moonsnail Song

Moonsnail Song

'Moonsnail Song' by Sheryl McFarlane

  • Moonsnail Song
  • Written by Sheryl McFarlane
  • Illustrations by Sheena Lott
  • ISBN: 1-55143-008-8
  • hc $14.95 CDN

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Excerpt from Moonsnail Song

April has a hidden treasure.
It sings her to the sea.
Her moonsnail sings of tidal flats,
of water-rippled sandy shores
and otter rolling in swaying kelp.
It whispers of the misty fog morning fogs,
and sea salt air.


“The text ebbs and flows like the sea. The words chosen emulate the sea setting; occasionally they are as crisp and stinging in rhythm as salt air. Or the words imitate waves…This book would be a great introduction to a sea unit or as a preamble to a shore walk. Recommended.”
— Canadian Materials

Author’s Inspiration

From the author…

I have always been a daydreamer, so when my youngest daughter found an empty moonsnail shell, it wasn’t very difficult for me to start daydreaming my way into all sorts of stories that might connect to it. Finally, I settled on a character that was much like I was when I was a child, a daydreamer. April uses the sound and feel of the shell to help her to imagine her way to her favourite place in the world, the seashore. I think I would have done the same thing had I found the shell when I was a child. I hope that Moonsnail Song helps you to daydream your way to the sea too!

Moonsnail Photos

Photo of a moonsnail with a person's foot to show the relative size

Photo of a moonsnail eggcase.jpg with a person's foot to show the relative size

These two photos show a moonsnail (top) and a moonsnail eggcase (bottom).


Published by Orca Books: Victoria, 1994.

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