The Fox’s Kettle book trailer

Here’s a new book trailer for an old favorite…The Fox’s Kettle by Laura Langston and Victor Bosson.  I love this classic tale and I love the audio enhanced e version just as much. It’s available on iTunes.


My new ebook is now available on Kobo

The audio enhance e-book version of Moonsnail Song is now available for $4.99 on Kobo and should be available later this week on i-books.



Throughout the day, April daydreams her way to her favorite place in search of elusive moonsnails.

Narrated by the author and accompanied by an evocative ocean soundscape, Moonsnail Song is a rich and poetic reading experience for children. The rhythmic text and Sheena Lott’s evocative watercolors make it easy for readers to follow April into a world of misty morning fogs, sea stars, sand dollars and sideways scuttling crabs. Young readers will discover hermit crabs, tidepool sculpin, sea urchins, and a moonsnail egg case made of sand and slime and a million un-hatched eggs. As the day draws to a close, April’s daydreams drift seamlessly into a bedtime lullaby and sleep.

Narrated by Sheryl McFarlane

Sound design and engineering by Crow Cottage Publishing.

Reviews for Moonsnail Song

“Reading this book is like holding a seashell to your ear; you can almost hear the pounding of the ocean and smell the sea fresh air.” – Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“The text ebbs and flows like the sea. The words chosen emulate the sea setting; occasionally they are as crisp and stinging in rhythm as salt air. Or the words imitate waves…This book would be a great introduction to a sea unit or as a preamble to a shore walk. Recommended.” — Canadian Materials

I have a dream…

50 years ago today, a great man gave a speech.  I watched Dr. Martin Luther King ‘s speech 50 years ago when I was a a kid of 9.  It gave me shivers back then. I watched again today, and iIt still gives me shivers.  The message of this speech still resonates. “I have a dream…meeting physical force with soul force…I have a dream…from every mountain side, let freedom ring.”


Another classic brought to ebook life

Midnight_Store_Display.225x225-75-1I loved this book when it was first released in print, and I’m so glad to see that it has been release as an ebook for a whole new generation of children and parents to enjoy.

Midnight in the Mountains a lovely book that celebrates a snowy family vacation in the mountains. Julie Lawson lyrical text perfectly contrasts the snow quiet night safely tucked in the cosy cabin with the joyous activities of the sparkling white snowy day. Sheena Lott’s illustrations almost ski right off the page and she brings the snowy night to life in a way that few illustrators could. This enhanced picture book features the author reading the story with sound effects that almost make it better than the original.


Ski_Store.480x480-75 Owl_Store.480x480-75

If you’re looking for quality ebooks for your children, you could hardly do better than Midnight in the Mountains.    

30 Day Writing Prompts to get you back into writing

I don’t know about  you, but I’m loving the summer: walks on the beach, runs along the seawall, evening paddles on the Gorge, and there is always always more to do in garden. The only problem is that for a writer, summer can get you out of the habit of work. I recall a writer friend telling me long ago that the best way to write is to actually sit your butt down in a chair and do it.  Summer has been tempting me away from that chair and the computer screen, but I’ve found a perfect way to get back into it…The 30 Day Challenge over at Galley Cat.  I have to tell you that I’m totally pumped about trying this out. To give you an idea about why you should consider taking up the challenge too, here’s the first prompt.

“Day 1 —Select a book at random in the room.  Find a novel or short story, copy down the last sentence and use this line as the first line of your new story.”

Now that you know how awesome the whole idea is, I hope that the first thing you do in September is head on over to Galley Cat’s 30 Day Writing Prompts for September and get writing.

I’m going to cheat just a tiny tiny bit and hold off doing this exercise until October since I’m helping with my daughter’s wedding in September and  have a ton of things to do not to mention a houseful of visitors.  But, I’d love to hear from anyone giving it a try about how it’s working for you.

Bookaboo is perfect for parents and kids

995920_10151706650302486_1877042177_nCBC is launching a new show that encourages parents and kids to read together.  Bookaboo –  Bookaboo is a rock star puppy who needs a story a day or he just can’t play!  Now that’s a serious problem for any musician, but CBC has the solution… famous Canadian celebrities will share new books with Bookaboo so that he can rock the stage. 

Come to Kids’ CBC Days, attend the Bookaboo readings with surprise guests, see him on our main stage in Kids’ CBC LIVE! and catch an episode in the Graham Spry Theatre.

Bookaboo will air Monday to Friday at 10 a.m. (ET). Celebrity guest stars include: Adam Beach, Fefe Dobson, Jason Priestly, Gordon Pinsent, Peter Mansbridge, Bret Hart, Jian Ghomeshi and many more.

Be especially sure to tune in next Tuesday (July 23rd) at 10am to hear Jian Ghomeshi read The Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid! Thanks for the heads up Barbara.



Info for Young Authors






Karen Krossing, author of The Yo-Yo Prophet, has put together an awesome list of where young authors can submit their writing.  Check it out.  And while your at it, check out some of Karen’s equally awesome books.

Advice for improving your writing

Imagine being asked, “What can I read to improve my writing?

Julia Eccleshare was recently asked just that by an 11 year old reader.  In part, she replied, “As your question suggests, reading and writing are very closely linked so what you read will influence what you write and how you think.” Former Penguin editor, children’s books editor for The Guardian, and author of 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up, goes on to suggest reading the classics as well as the best in contemporary literature…Philip Pullman, Dick King Smith, Roddy Doyle, and Patrick Ness to name a few.

It’s not surprising that the advice Ms. Eccleshare gives to an 11 year old is similar to the advice one would give to any adult trying to break into the world of publishing….read great writers!

Editing is for everyone

When I visit schools, I often tell kids that becoming a good writer is important even if they don’t want to become authors.  So, when I ran across this photo, I had to post. Below is President Obama editing a speech. Ya gotta love it!


A detailed look from White House photographer Pete Souza at Barack Obama, Copy Editor in Chief.

Color me garden


If you or someone you know is a fan of gardens and art, you’ll be delighted with these downloadable coloring pages from Secret Garden by Johanna Basford.  They’re absolutely gorgeous.  The accompanying video is a real gem too.


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