A productive garden equals free stuff for my neighbors

Even though the summer started with way too much rain, my garden is going strong and producing more than I can eat.  Since my free mini-library has been so successful, I decided that other free stuff might be attractive too.  I started with about a dozen baby grasses (3 different ornamental varieties), and a half dozen zucchinis.  By the time I trimmed these extra 3 cabbages to put out, most of the grasses and all but one of the zucchinis were gone! The cabbages disappeared within the hour.  I guess people like free stuff.  Soon I’ll have a whole bunch of baby strawberry plants potted up and ready to go.  I wonder how long they’ll take to disappear?

Wildlife in the city

It’s safer to plant a deer proof garden here in Victoria, BC. The deer look cute, but they can wipe out a garden in no time flat! This was taken a few blocks away from my house.

Glad my neighbor’s garden looked so appetizing!

Last night’s super moon using my i-phone.  Sadly, these pictures do not do it justice. The clouds cleared and the moon was spectacular, especially when it was low on the horizon.

Last night

a flaming sunset lit up the sky.

A good day for writing

Woke up to one of those wild west coast snow storms we get every now and then.  A good day for staying indoors and writing.  

A New Year’s taste of Galiano Island

It’s good to be back.  Happy New Year to all of you bloggers and readers out there.  I’m home again after a few glorious days spent with my friends on Galiano Island.  Marci DeVicque is the most energetic woman I know.  She’s an amazing gardener, raises sheep, chickens, rescues dogs, and is an extraordinary glass artist.  It’s as much a treat to visit her garden as it is to see her gorgeous glass work.  Here is the beautiful dragonfly gate that she designed.


Sharing meals, wine and walks with friends is such a lovely way to bring in the New Year.  We went for lovely long walks every day.  The only downside was that my little dog Ruby discovered otter poop on the walk we took just before coming home…boy did she smell bad in a “stinky rotting fish sort of way”!  Three baths and a whole lot of baking soda later, she’s bearable to be around!  So here’s a small gift to my readers, a taste of Galiano Island.  Enjoy!

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Bacteria As Art

I love it when science and art intersect…Bacteria As Art — Biophysicists Grow Pretty Bacteria In Petri Dishes To Find Antibiotics.

Limited time offer for two great kid’s magazines

Friend and former editor of Know Magazine, Adrienne Mason,  just sent a heads up on some super pre-Xmas saving subscriptions to two fabulous magazines for kids.  If you’re looking for something for your children, for a niece, nephew or grandchildren, these prices are a score!  But hurray, the offer is only open for a few short days.

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YES Mag and KNOW are published six times per year. All prices in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes added to Canadian subscriptions. US and International subscriptions include extra for postage.

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End of the summer

I deserved an hour in the garden today after spending most of the day working on my novel…

Here are a few pics.

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