Greg Pincus tells us the truth about poetry

This is too funny! Poets may not be rich, but at least some of them, including Greg Pincus, have great sense of humor.  Greg’s features some awesome poems and poetry on his blog so be sure to check it out.

Instructions for Helping the World

Instructions for Helping the World is my favorite poem of 2012.  I know.  I know.  The new year has just begun!  But still.  It’s an awesome poem.  It’s written by Greg Pincus, a kid’s lit blogger who is as prolific as he is talented.

Instructions for Helping the World is short (only 10 lines), but it packs a serious punch and should be required reading for all those “Back to The Three R” types out there.

Thanks Greg …  I would add that help might also come in the form of a warm bed, enough to eat, clean water and love but that’ll keep for another poem.