Jeanette Winterson on writing for children

I came across this quote by Jeanette Winterson in an article she wrote called “Why I became a children’s author.”  Although written in 2009, it is as true today as it was three years ago.

It’s not just a story we’re offering them, it’s the tools they need to tell their own stories, to tell to themselves, without too much cliché, and with some complexity. Once you understand yourself as a story you are in the process of telling, instead of a fact in a story told by others, you understand that you can change your own story. That is power.


If writers and artists were in charge…

Imagine what money might look like if writers and artists were in charge!  Just for fun, here are a few currency ideas from society’s artistic side.  These were my favorites but to see the whole 18, visit  the Guardian.

John Gray ‘A £50 note showing five noble beasts facing extinction in the wild, to remind users of the loss of natural wealth that no amount of money can replace.’

Jeanette Winterson. Banknote Design for Sat Review

Alasdair Gray Banknote Design for Sat Review

Naomi Klein and Kyo Maclear; redefining worldly success