Pullman doesn’t mince words

It seems that libraries are having a tough time everywhere, even in England.  According to an article in The Guardian, more than 600 libraries are threatened with closure.

But in England, at least, libraries have a new “no bullshit” champion.  Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials trilogy,  isn’t one to mince words.  At a national conference of library campaigners, he called on the participants to fight against stupidity, referencing Brent council’s suggestion that closing half of its libraries would help it fulfill “exciting plans to improve libraries”.  This has got to be one of the more absurd statements I’ve come across lately.  Pullman obviously thought so too. He suggested that Brent council’s ludicrous suggestion “ought to be quoted in every anthology of political bullshit from here to eternity”.

Right on Mr. Pullman.