Another take on one of children’s literature’s greats

Historian and critic Leonard Marcus on Maurice Sendak.  It’s worth a look.

Exciting new from Jane Flick of UBC and the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable…Leonard Marcus will be coming to UBC Sat. Oct. 13 for a talk for the MA In Children’s Literature Program and the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable. Look for details in late summer on the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable site.

Maurice Sendak

What a sad day for the children’s literature community. The New York Times reports that Maurice Sendak has died. Published in 1963, Where the Wild Things Are was both groundbreaking and career making.  It is as fresh today as it was nearly fifty years ago.  It and Sendak helped to chart a new course for children’s literature, one that was less sanitized, one in which children could go out into the jungle of one’s imagination and conquer fear.

The Guardian has a great photo montage that’s worth checking out.

I love Maurice Sendak but…

At 83, Maurice Sendak has a new book out and he’s still making waves.  Check out his recent interview in The New York Times where he admitted that he hasn’t been keeping up with children’s books but finds there to be “a certain passivity.”  I’m not sure that I entirely agree though; not when I think of books like Mo Willems Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Neil Gaiman’s The Wolves in the Walls to mention just a few that break boundaries in the same way that Sendak’s books did.  I’m wondering what others think about this.  Any comments?