Interview with Illustrator of Island in the Salish Sea

I absolutely love the illustrations for my new book, Island in the Salish Sea. Check out the following interview with, illustrator, Leslie Redhead. For more of her fabulous art, be sure to visit her blog.

Upcoming Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable

New release coming soon: Midnight in the Mountains ebook

Crow Cottage Publishers has added another new ebook to their list, Midnight in the Mountains by Julie Lawson and Sheena Lott. This audio enhanced ebook is gorgeous, so check it out the audio sample of the story being read by the author.. If you want quality ebooks for your kids, grandkids or students, Crow Cottage is a good place to start. Midnight in the Mountains will soon be available as an i-Book.

This is the Dog is going to the gallery

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some very talented illustrators.  I heard from one of them this morning.  Chrissie Wysotski, the illustrator of This is the Dog, sent me this framed picture from the book.  It will be one of the illustrations featured in two upcoming exhibits sponsored by the Ontario Library Association.  The Blue Spruce 10th Anniversary Illustration Art Exhibit during the Festival of Trees in May 2012 at Harbourfront in Toronto, and at the Canadian Nation Exhibition in Toronto from August 17th  – September 3rd , 2012.  Of course you may want to read the book too, especially if you are a dog lover.  It’s available at most libraries, and can be ordered from your favorite independent book seller.

Pender Island

Here’s the view I’m looking at right now.  I’m visiting my friends David and Andrea Spalding on Pender Island this weekend just in time for the Santa Boat visit.  Last night we had a lovely dinner (Andrea is a gourmet cook,  lucky us).  This morning, the guys went off birdwatching.  Andrea and I will head out shortly for the Santa Boat, which I can hardly wait for.  More on that later.  Since Santa isn’t arriving until around noon, we had a chance to talk books which I always enjoy.  She showed me her new book, Seal Song which is just gorgeous.  Both the text and the illustrations of this classic transformation story are exquisite and I’d highly recommend it as a beautiful Christmas gift.  Don’t worry about  limiting this to young children though.  If anything, it’s one of those picture books for all ages as the language and story are so rich and layered that it will hold up to being read over and over again.

Can’t wait!

Marc Nobleman and 30 Minutes Over Oregon

Marc Nobleman is smart.  Really really smart.  He’s figured out a way to use social media to bring attention to an “unbook,” a not yet published picture book that has garnered praise from numerous publishing houses, but not a single solitary contract offer.  The non-fiction picture book is called 30 Minutes Over Oregon, and here’s some of the praise it’s garnered:

“…I think the story is fantastic”

“Compelling and well told”


“I think boys would particularly like it”

Marc is not a newbie.  He has over 70 books published.  Why?  In my humble opinion, it’s because Marc isn’t just a great writer, he’s tenatious. He’s not willing to dump a manuscript that he believes in into a drawer and forget about it. In fact, it’s practically an essential quality if you want to get published in today’s market.  So, for all you writers out there, both published and unpublished, drop into Marc’s site and see what confidence in a manuscript, and a little ingenuity can do for your career.  You won’t be disappointed.