Steve Jobs: ‘No big deal. Just three stories from my life’

Steve Jobs died today.  I wonder where Apple with go without him. He left behind an amazing legacy, including this poignant video.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO – World – CBC News

Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple’s CEO.  It is likely due to poor health as he’s been on a medical leave, but the fact that he won’t be front and centre any more is a really big deal.  In so many ways, I grew up with Apples. I used MAC’s when I completed my education degree, and used Apples in my first few years of teaching.  The very fist computer I ever purchased was an Apple that used 5  3/4 inch floppy discs instead of a hard drive.  This man, along with a few others, changed the face of communication…and it all started in a garage!  This is truly the end of an era.  Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO – World – CBC News.