Word History

If you’re a word nerd like me, you’ll love Merriam-Webster’s word history site. I found out all sorts of interesting things like, words that came into use the year I was born…hallucinogen, double helix, and solar battery, words from the year I graduated high school…slam dunk, slo-mo, and sound-bite.


And, if you’re an historical fiction writer, this site will help you from using historically inappropriate words.

Thanks to Laurie Wallmark for the heads up. This was just too good not to pass on.

Michael Morpurgo’s writing tips

I’m a huge fan of Michael Morpurgo and was once fortunate enough to host him for a talk as well as tour he and his wife around Victoria.  His books tend to be of the universal rather than age-dependent sort which is one of the things I like best about his writing.  Dear Ollie remains one of my all-time favorites, but he’s written so many others that I have enjoyed.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve read a Morpurgo book that I didn’t like.  He recently posted writing tips in The Guardian are well worth checking out. I particularly liked this one.

The most important thing is to live an interesting life. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Talk to people and visit interesting places, and don’t forget to ask questions. To be a writer you need to drink in the world around you so it’s always there in your head.

Here are two of my most recent favorite Morpurgo reads.