Girl Guides do it again

IMG_2383The Girls Guides have done it again.  I’m their victim year after year after year…

They’ve turned me into a crazed, cookie eating monster and now I just feel sick.

Not only that, I’m going to Hawaii in a few days and I’m going to have to fit into a swim suite.  Ugh. How am I supposed to sit down to write totally awesome teen novels and  perfect picture books when I’m feeling like an afternoon nap is the only thing I’m capable of?  I hope you girls are happy now!

And for those of you who live south, think Girl Scouts and their evil evil cookies.  Yeah…temptation in  chocolate, vanilla, and sometimes mint!  Don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about!



Tonight is long and hard. I am island because I live on an island.  I am alone in my grief.  The ferries don’t run until morning. The planes are grounded for the  night. Surrounded by the beautiful Pacific and her rugged shores is something I have loved since I arrived here oh so many years ago.  But not tonight.  Tonight is a prison sentence.  My mum is alone in a hospital bed in an ICU a thousand miles away and I am here.  Family surround her, but I know in a way, that she is her own little island. When morning comes, I will be on a plane, but it will be late afternoon before I arrive.  I hope that I am in time to sit by her bedside, hold her hand, and tell her that I love her. I hope and even though I long ago left my faith behind, I pray.

Here is a picture of mum and dad on their wedding day.


The car is packed…

The car is packed to the rafters with a dresser, coffee table, a coat tree, boxes of kitchen stuff, art, and  two ottomans.  Off to Vancouver to help my youngest set up house.  I wonder if I could call this research for a book?