Flash Fiction

I’ve spent the entire day writing, and I’ve only managed to get three lines written.  Yep. Three lines.  And, it’s all Bev’s fault!  Ok, that’s  a slight exaggeration, but not totally off the mark.  You see, Bev Rosenbaum works as a contract editor for McGraw-Hill Ryerson and she put out a call for some micro or flash fiction for a digital bank resource for high school students.  I couldn’t help myself.  I love flash fiction.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s super short stories.  Basically, the twitter type, which, I know seems impossible.  But it’s not.  You have to have a beginning, a middle and and end, all in 140 characters. Strive for a twist in the ending as well. It’s hard to do, but so much fun.  Here’s one I wrote today on trying to impress a girl with skateboarding tricks.


I ride by Annie’s.

She’s hanging with a friend.

My 360 rocks and my railslide trick is slick.

I slam a kickflip ollie and have to limp away.



Give it a try.  It’s hard, but so much fun.

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