AS Byatt gives the nod to Terry Pratchett

Children’s book writers take heart.  The queen of Literary fiction and Booker Prize winner,  AS Byatt has a surprise favorite writer.  And guess what?  It’s a children’s author!  According to The Guardian,  at the

Edinburgh international book festival AS Byatt has declared Terry Pratchett her hero, for having “caused more people to read books than anyone else – because he tells them something they want to know, that they can laugh at, and because he writes really good English”.

Indeed, the author of Possession and, most recently, the Man Booker-shortlisted The Children’s Book, suggested that a free distribution of Pratchett to all 12-year-olds would “have a very good effect” on getting young people to read.

So, when someone asks when you’re going to write a “real book,” you can just roll your eyes and dismiss them knowing full well that kids who read are more likely to become adults who read, and they are one of the most important audiences a writer can have.

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