Show Art Slade and Mondo: Ember’s End some love today

I love Kickstarter, but for those of us who live North of the U.S. border and who need help getting creative projects off the ground, an alternative is Indiegogo.  If you’re a fan of graphic/steampunk novels, you may want to help Art Slade out with his project, Modo: Ember’s End.  It’s a stand-alone, steampunk-infused graphic novel set in the Wild West and inspired by the bestselling series: The Hunchback Assignments.  It sounds totally cool, and Art posts that he’s soooooo close to making it happen.  So, show Art and Mondo: Ember’s End a little love, and donate today. There’s only 59 hours left, and there are some very cool rewards to be reaped. I can’t wait to get my signed copy.  For a mere $25 donation, I’m helping Art create art.  Hard to beat!

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